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"The questions have already been solved": Laurent Wauquiez is responsible for the national debate of Emmanuel Macron

Laurent Wauquiez also sent a letter to the French Sunday evening, approaching the big national debate, pointing to the many responsibilities of Emmanuel Macron in the crisis of "yellow vests".

In anticipation of the President of the Republic for a few hours, Laurent Wauquiez wrote a letter to the French on Sunday evening before the big national debate starts on Tuesday. The President of the Republicans accuses Emmanuel Macron of aggravating the situation by saying that if he « We had listened from the beginning, we would not be there. "He opened a gap in confidence in politics ", He adds again, pointing at" company "" the shocking expenses on the Élysée "And" a number of disproportionate wages ".

"How do you not tackle immigration issues?"

For Laurent Wauquiez, the big national debate that is coming now will not solve anything, because the executive does not want to answer the real questions: " The so-called big debate whose questions have already been solved – how to tackle immigration issues? – the risk of being a rough artful ", He claims, regrettably that Emmanuel Macron makes that believe" the only answer is to change the settings, where the complaint books are full of purchasing power issues, is not reasonable ".

Instead, the Republican boss distinguishes three important issues: " The recognition of work, the low tax, leaving territories. According to him, Emmanuel Macron increased taxes unfairly Without installing more public services, especially in rural and peri-urban areas. One must " a real investment plan on our territory for access to health, mobile telephony, roads The importance of " come back to this size of 80 km / h "Finally, the revaluation of work is the last important point." Our solidarity system can no longer encourage an assistantship He says.

" Retired people who have worked their entire lives can not be sentenced to a retirement of misery, working people can not say at the end of the month that they would have earned more by staying at home, foreigners who have never contributed can not have the same access to our healthcare system. "

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