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The perplexed Briton | TIME ONLINE

In these weeks, when the British Parliament is disassembling itself about leaving the EU, fracturing factions, friendships and families, the German Brexit representative in the Foreign Office looks in Berlin the livestream to "the special
This is how Axel Dittmann expresses himself.

Behind these coded words Dittmann also seems to be frightened. "I have come to know English parliamentarism as very efficient," says the 52-year-old diplomat. Today he has it with an England in the
To do state of emergency. Dittmann was surprised at how long the British government had been
for every answer to the European proposals. How big the drama
at every vote device. How deeply hostile the camps are now,
so there is no majority left for nothing. Others call it chaos, Dittmann calls it "complex".

Axel Dittmann speaks cautiously, downplaying the drama and his own work.
His job is not
to amplify the "excitement," on any editorial or politician tweet
enter into. "Our job is to get a deal," says Dittmann.

His job: to bring order to Brexit chaos

Such a deal has gone on Tuesday evening: The British Parliament has also rejected the reformed form of the exit treaty that Prime Minister Theresa May has negotiated with the EU. What can someone like Dittmann still contribute in such a troubled situation?

understand once what is going on. The German Brexit Commissioner is a
British understanders. Already as a student, at the age of 21, he did an internship in an English bank. He appreciates the British
Diplomat, since then in the nineties for six months in London
Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked. In crisis areas in southeastern Europe they were later
often his best colleagues. That's why Axel Dittmann is someone who deeply regrets
what he has to do now as a sort of divorce notary: the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum from Berlin with too
to plan.

In the videoconference room of the Foreign Office, he discusses with the
European specialists in the Chancellery and in the other ministries. From Brussels
The Commission's Brexit negotiators come to him from Paris and other EU capitals
the diplomats who deal with Great Britain employ. Dittmann is negotiating
not about Brexit, that's what the Commission is doing in Brussels. He coordinates, connects,
informed, translate. Axel Dittmann must order in the Brexit mess


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