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The number of the day. Wild coffee in danger

According to a study published in the scientific journal Science progress60% of the 124 known coffees are on the verge of extinction. A worrying situation, especially because scientists can not express themselves on 14 other species in the absence of information, adds the BBC in an article that provides the results of the research. The ecological disaster could therefore be more serious.

"More than 100 types of coffee trees grow naturally in forests, two of which are used for the coffee we drink", explains the article. However, according to the study, the protective measures of these plants are "Inadequate" :

28% of wild coffees grow outside protected areas and only half are kept in seed banks."

If we only drink coffee Coffea Arabica and Coffea robustathe other species have made the cultivation of coffee sustainable. In addition, their diversity could be used in the future to deal with climate change and new diseases. "In the long run, we will have to use wild varieties to secure the future of global coffee culture."


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