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The National Guard of North Dakota proposes expansion of Camp Grafton – Sacramento Bee

The National Guard of North Dakota proposes a plan to expand its training center in a northeastern province to house more military members.

The state's National Guard is planning to seek input from neighboring landowners, provinces, cities and the Spirit Lake Nation on the proposal to expand its Camp Grafton Training Center South in Eddy County, said Major General Alan Dohrman.

Dohrman told the Minot Daily News that the National Guard of North Dakota Camp wants to expand Grafton with at least 6,000 hectares to build a new complex. The military agency prefers to add another 17,000 hectares if the opportunity is available.

Dohrman met with the Environment Committee of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce last month about the fact that the training center is not large enough to support reach and maneuvering functions. The ability of the center to meet additional training requirements for operational reserve requires more training areas for in-state distance and maneuvering areas.

Military members in North Dakota often have to travel to Camp Guernsey in Wyoming and Camp Ripley in Minnesota for part of their training.

The proposal is still in the preparatory discussion phase. The National Guard of North Dakota assesses interest and receives feedback before deciding whether the proposal will be submitted to the legislators during the next parliamentary term.


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