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The Man City fan claims that Manchester United can win the Premier League ahead of City and Liverpool on the phone-in

Manchester United could still win the Premier League this season, according to a Manchester City fan who claims he can cause a "turning point" for both the City and Liverpool rivals.

United have won nine games out of 10 since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer entered the field to replace Jose Mourinho in December, with United only two points behind fourth place after being left behind with 11 managerial changes.

City and Liverpool must both visit Old Trafford during their run-ins while they compete for the title and this could prove crucial in the final showdown.

And a City fan with the name of "Andrew" told The Sports Bar on talkSPORT that he believes United's course of action has seen them become title contenders.

"There's a lot of games to play and I really think so [Manchester] United could be the turning point for both Liverpool and for [Manchester] City, "he said.

"Because we both have to go to Old Trafford and United could win both games that would actually put them in the title race.

"If they run, because they have not lost a game under Solskjaer yet …

"I saw City play against Liverpool in 1981/82 and we went ahead when we beat them 3-1 at Anfield and went on the run where they did not lose another game all season.

"They won the title, we finished ninth or tenth.

"Unlikely, but possible: the United States is not out of the race."

Andy Goldstein has ridiculed the claims by highlighting the current 14-point deficit of United after such a poor start to the season and suggested that United would only influence the point where the title will end.

"Do not be so silly Andy, I'll stop you there, I will not let you say it," he replied.

"Andy, the fact that you'll be back in 1981 to prove this point …

"He could not, they can not win.

"I do not even have this conversation.

"Put it this way, it's the craziest suggestion I've ever heard.

"I'm not in the title race."


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