The latest in Brexit: Merkel breaks her silence about Brexit: German Chancellor fears for the EU | Politics | News

The German chancellor issued the warning in a rare interview with the Financial Times, when Merkel approaches the end of her term. He said the EU needed to respond to Britain’s departure by improving its game and becoming “attractive, innovative, creative, a good place for research and education … competition can be very productive.” Merkel also spoke about Berlin’s fears that the United Kingdom could become a serious economic competitor at its doorstep, as Britain may deviate from current EU rules.

The Brexit Agreement of Boris Johnson is approaching the final stages, while the House of Lords debate on legislation is nearing its end.

Once it has been approved, the Withdrawal Agreement will require real consent before it becomes law.

But the Government faces a final obstacle, as MEPs in the European Parliament must ratify the agreement.

They must discuss and vote on the Withdrawal Agreement on January 29, just two days before Britain leaves the European Union.

Once the United Kingdom has left the block, the Prime Minister will enter into talks with Brussels to reach a trade agreement.

They have until December 31, 2020 to reach an agreement, as Johnson has insisted that the transition period will not be extended.


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