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Soon the smoke will clear
to have. And if the gray veil over the counters, dance floors and terraces
has completely disappeared, the last ashtray to be emptied, the
be removed from the last machine. Sure, here and there you will still buy them
can. But rather for the special occasion: as edgy accessory for the
Adventure holiday, as a nostalgic gimmick for theme parties or as a "cult"
Birthday. Because they will be expensive. Very expensive. The six euros that one
in 2018 per box, will appear as a gift. Even
the equivalent of 17 euros, which are already paid in Australia
had to work, then possibly act as a bargain. Only that does the most
Nothing. Since smoking is now considered a bizarre anachronism of the 20th century,
the population share of nicotine junkies is only a handful

When it is just so far, lets
to say hard. Maybe already in ten, maybe only in 30
Years. Only one thing seems certain: it will come like that or something like that. At least in
the western hemisphere. Because here the time of the cigarette is already running out.
This is shown by the numbers. Is the global share of smokers between 1990 and
Decreased by almost a third to around 15 percent in 2015, it is in
Sweden even only at seven percent. With a share of 28 percent
Although Germany still looks like a Teutonic smoker's refuge,
but here too the number of tobacco consumers has been shrinking for years. At the
The decline is most evident in adolescents. Handles between 2003
and in 2006 still 21 percent of all eleven to 17-year-olds in this country,
between 2014 and 2017 it was only seven percent.

This article is from the "Philosophy Magazine" No. 02/2019.
© Philosophy Magazine

In addition, it can be assumed that
European withdrawal therapy will become even more intense in the near future. thanks to the
health-oriented mentality change and powerful
Anti-smoking campaigns should increase the number of nicotine dropouts exponentially
increase. As is well known in France, not only the homeland of the
Gitanes, but also of existentialist smokers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, alone between 2016 and 2017, around one million
People with the smoke on. In short: In the medium term, the Dunst swaths
in air
to solve.

You do not have to do that at first
mourn. On the contrary, without tobacco consumption, the consequences of which worldwide 6.4
Millions of people die each year, we will be longer and, at least
medically seen, live better. Far fewer people have to watch
how her lover painfully dies of lung cancer or years of COPD
languish. Especially since it looks sober, even absurd,
to voluntarily put a burning paper stick in the mouth, the 4800
Releases chemicals, 250 of which are toxic and at least 90 carcinogenic
are. Quite apart from the environmental consequences. Because the world nearly every year
Six trillion discarded dumps statistically not only yield a 750,000-tonne ashtray, but also form a kind of global mosaic
from toxic waste, which contaminates groundwater and seawater sustainably. That
the cigarette will die out is biopolitical and ecological

Social airing

By the social
Ventilation will still be somewhat lost. Something that over in the course of
400 years of history of Western tobacco culture shaped our thinking and it
sometimes charged atmospherically. Something whose loss you can do without it
Transfiguration can entrust and for it in everyday life, maybe even so fast
will not substitute. And no, that is not the case in this context
meant so much upheld "freedom". Apart from the fact that the
mass industrial triumph of the cigarette itself to a considerable degree
perfidious as billions of dollars advertising campaigns a shameless tobacco lobby
who owes in movies like Thank you for smoking (Director: Jason Reitman,
2006) completely rightly a memorial was set: The freedom-loving
Marlboro-man mentality of smokers is a dangerous one for that very reason
Half-truth, because the train on the cigarette neurologically vorste not just
Liberal signature move, but is a toxicological obsession. Because
Smoking is undoubtedly pleasure, but usually also: addiction.

The mourning values ​​at
Disappearance of the cigarette is therefore in something else. It turns out,
that smoking en passant always a threefold philosophical exercise was: one
Exercise in egalitarianism and solidarity. An exercise in time and world perception.
An exercise in ambiguity tolerance. The egalitarian effect of smoking indicated
Already in the early phase of Western tobacco culture. As a beginning
16th century the first plants in the luggage of Spanish
Conquistadors of Europe reached and quit smoking during the 17th
Century in the Old World slowly developed into fashion, for which one too
Did not have a word of their own at the beginning, which is why one of the "drinking of the fog"
spoke, this revealed by no means as exclusive employment of
Upper class. In the 1630s, when tobacco consumption became the subject of painting
advanced, one sees in the pictures people of all layers their whistle
puff. There are smoky nobles like landlords, citizens like
Farmers. Accordingly, Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen in
his 1667 published Satyric pilgrim notes that "high: and
lower persons of the taback use ", namely" ahm mosterme
Soldiers / Cigars / Landers and beggars; after the same but also citizens
/ Handwercksleute / Bauren and Taglöhner. "In the 17th century was smoking
that is one of the few social practices that are carried out across classes


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