The head of state wants to set up an "ecological defense council"


Emmanuel Macron, in a press conference in the village hall of the Elysee, on April 25, 2019. – Michel Euler / AP / SIPA

Emmanuel Macron said this Thursday the establishment of an "ecological defense council", which will bring together the ministers dedicated to make the "strategic choices" imposed by "
the climate emergency. "I want us to put in place an ecological defense council that will bring together the Prime Minister and the key ministers responsible for this transition (…) that I will preside on a regular basis to both take the strategic choices and put at the heart of all our this climate emergency, "he told the press at the Elysée.

The president also announced that "from the month of June", the "first mission" of the 150 citizens chosen by lot to sit in the future council of citizen participation would be to "redraw all concrete measures of help to citizens on the climate transition ". Noting that these vehicles or boilers were often "too complex", he hoped that this future council would try to make them "more efficient".

Skepticism of climate advocates

But these citizens will also be able to "define if need be other incentives or binding measures and if need be also define additional resources and propose funding for this," added the president. "What will come out of this convention, I commit myself to it, will be submitted without filter, either to the vote of the Parliament or to referendum, or direct regulatory application", he promised.

These announcements have been received with some skepticism by climate advocates. "Rather than concrete measures, the president announces the creation of a new committee. Decidedly, the weather of climate action, it is not yet for today …, commented on Twitter Jean-François Julliard, general manager of Greenpeace France.

The fight against climate change can not be done only at the national level, Emmanuel Macron also assured that this objective would be at the heart of the "European ambition" of France. In particular, he reiterated his desire to "defend at European level" a minimum carbon price, the implementation of a carbon tax at borders and "more ambitious green finance".