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The free agent of 25 men's roster – The Athletic

It was a joke in a story by Eno Sarris that caught my attention: so many good players are still out there – even when pitchers and dream catchers are approaching – that you could field an OK team with only free agents.

Well, let's do it.

What kind of roster of 25 men could we build using only free agents that were still available since Thursday night? Once again, the market dragged into February with some of the biggest stars of the game still available, so we know that this list of those that remain would have some name recognition. But could it really compete? Where would her roster be skinny, and where would it be deep?

Also, our team is owned by John Henry and Mark Walter, so we're not worried about the money.


Marwin Gonzalez 2B

Bryce Harper RF

Manny Machado 3B

Mike Moustakas DH

Adam Jones CF

Carlos Gonzalez LF

Lucas Duda 1B

José Iglesias …


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