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The firefighter adopts a dog that found under a pile of rocks

South Carolina, United States. A South Carolina firefighter adopted a puppy dog ​​on Saturday after rescuing the animal. under a pile of rocks last week.

Captain Paul Bryant of the North Charleston Fire Department appeared on one video posted on social networks who rescued the captured puppy on March 30.

Bryant and his fellow Firefighters with Motor 201 rushed to the area after a man and his 5-year-old son heard shouts coming from beneath the pile of rocks while cycling.

As an example. AFP

According to a Facebook report from the Charleston Animal Society, the man and his son decided to "investigate and were surprised to see the pup under the rocks."

They ran to his house to get a shovel and a pickaxe to free him, but they were unsuccessful. When they realized they couldn't get the pup, they called the North Charleston Police Department and sent Motor 201.

In a post on the Facebook page of the North Charleston fire brigade, Bryant, who said he had been working in the department since 2000, said to take the puppy out of the rubble and bring the dog to safety.

As an example. AFP

The puppy did not suffer any injury; it was not known how long the animal was trapped under the rocks. The dog was taken to the Animal Society of Charleston, Fox 6 reported.

After the pet company prepared the puppy for adoption by vaccinating him, sterilizing him and placing a microchip, Bryant asked him to adopt it himself, the media added.

"This must be my dog ​​and he will be going home with me," Bryant said in a Facebook video on the Charleston Animal Society website. Bryant also said he was looking forward to "bringing him home, providing him with a stable environment.

I just give him the love he deserves. "In the video, Bryant said he appropriately called the puppy" Rocky. " The good lord said: & # 39; This is your dog & # 39; & # 39 ;, Bryant said in the video. his first rescue of puppies.

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