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The Duma reorganizes the commissions of Poklonskaya and Arshba

September 13, 2018, 14:56 – REGNUM
The Duma unites the Ethics Committee and the Income Committee. As the correspondent reports IA REGNUM September 13, said the head of the Duma Committee on Control and Regulations Olga Savastyanova ("United Russia").

"The committee received a proposal from the group to create a new commission, based on the ethics commission and the income commission to create the new commission", She said.

Two committees were artificially created, said the head of the committee.

The commission will not only deal with the reliability of information on the incomes of deputies, but also with the mandates, thus the deputy, the functions of the new committee will be expanded.

The faction submits his applications. At the same time, Savastyanova does not exclude that the committee can cope Natalia Poklonskaya or Otari Arshba.

"The decision is made by the faction", – she explained.

The head of the committee said that the issue of reorganization had been underway since early 2018.

"The committee will be formed on a proportional basis" – said the deputy, 10 seats will be "United Russia", 10 – the opposition.

In July, in response to a question from journalists about the possible consequences for Poklonskaya in connection with her decision to vote against the law on pension reform, whether she threatens to deprive her of the mandate, the head of the faction in the State Duma Sergey Neverov said: "Make a decision for yourself and how she is an adult, she can think for herself, she is the chairman of the committee and the deputy chairman of the committee."

It should be noted that the committee on issues of deputy ethics is led by a deputy Otari Arshba.

Read the development of the story:
The State Duma is discussing the reorganization of the commissions of Poklonskaya and Arshba next week


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