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The death of Fabien Clain, the reconstitution of a Napoleonic soldier and the factory Nutella stopped

Undated photo of Fabien Clain. – OFF / AFP

For you, but also for the cat Caramel, who made 800 km by carpooling to find his family, here is our summary of the news of the day in five points:

A strike by the international coalition killed Fabien Clain Wednesday in Syria. The French jihadist had claimed the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis. His brother Jean-Michel, also involved in the claim, was reportedly seriously injured in the attack.

A Nutella production line in Villers-Ecalles
A Nutella production line in Villers-Ecalles – Nicolas Raffin / 20 Minutes

Ferrero suspended, "as a precaution", the production of the first manufacturing site in the world of Nutella, in Normandy, after spotting a "quality defect". The Villers-Ecalles plant produces 600,000 pots a day. "For now, we can say that no product currently on the market is affected by the situation and that the supply of our customers continues without interruption," said the press service of Ferrero France.

"We went looking for sports that have the largest communities on social networks," explains Tony Estanguet. Skateboarding, climbing, surfing and breakdancing have been proposed by the organizers
as sports invited to Paris 2024. õ We want them to make young people want to practice sport, to experience the Paris 2024 experience. If we offer sports that speak to them, it will be easier for them to associate. to the project. "

At 17, the Villeurbanne playmaker Theo Maledon is the revelation of the season in Jeep Elite. He makes his debut in France team, this Thursday in Finland. His phenomenal trajectory should quickly lead him to the NBA, in the footsteps of his president at Asvel, Tony Parker.

A laboratory at the University of Bordeaux has succeeded in recreating the face of a Napoleonic soldier, on the basis of a skull discovered in a mass grave dating back to the time of the Russian Campaign of 1812. Primary objective: understanding the trauma that the soldier had suffered, but also use imagery to overcome the prohibition to repatriate to France these bones considered archaeological objects.

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