The city launches trainings to "get rid of" just before the summer


The city of Nice has launched a training campaign around the tiger mosquito. – Mr Frénois / ANP / 20 Minutes

  • The city runs training workshops for commune officials.
  • A dozen department heads attended the very first session.
  • They are trained in the Mouskit, a teaching kit to learn the gestures of prevention.

In the space of ten years, the tiger mosquito has become "the number one public enemy". And he cunning to spoil the summers Azureens. So much so that the city of Nice runs training workshops for commune officials.

The city takes the lead. Because this year, the mosquito has not yet pointed the tip of his sting. "The mosquito is late. We do not have the usual nuisances. It is cold and the larvae are not yet developing, explains Bernard Cadiou, in charge of the Interdepartmental Agreement on Mosquito Control on the Mediterranean (EID). It's good news. But, as usual, it is unpredictable. "

Cover the vats with water and cure the spills

The perfect time to adopt good habits. Because, more than the bites, the tiger mosquito can be vector of diseases like the chikungunya, the dengue and the Zika virus.

Thus, twelve referents of the education, youth, sustainable development and green spaces departments are trained in the Mouskit, an educational kit to learn the preventive gestures: to empty all the containers, to cover the vats of water, to cure the flows and to maintain its garden.

"A secure environment"

"These people are relay people. They will then train children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 15 to give them good habits and behavior to deal with mosquitoes. While avoiding anxiety and insisting on the means to protect herself, anticipates Chantal Patuano, director of the departmental committee of education for health. This is the season to act. "

These actions speak to Cédric Guillot. The head of a youth department spotted stagnant water at his workplace. "We will be able to create a secure environment and have access to tools to share this fight against the mosquito," he hopes. In 2018, the city of Nice had carried out 727 mosquito control operations on its territory.