The Chamber will vote on Wednesday to send articles of political judgment, says Pelosi

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives will vote on Wednesday to send Senate political trial charges against President Trump, allowing a long-awaited trial to begin, President Nancy Pelosi said privately to Democrats on Tuesday, according to officials in the room.

The procedure will be only the third time a US president is tried in the Senate.

In a closed-door meeting with Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday morning, Pelosi detailed his plan to move on Wednesday to designate the team of lawmakers who will process the case against Trump, known as the House managers in his political trial. The officials who described their private comments spoke on condition of anonymity.

Unless things change, their schedule means that House managers will ceremonially walk the articles of political judgment from the House of the House to the Senate much later on Wednesday, formally presenting them and causing a trial to begin.

He said he was not yet ready to share the names of the legislators he would select as managers, they said.

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