The Chamber will vote on Wednesday to send articles of political judgment, says Pelosi

Speaking on the floor of the Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky and a majority leader, rebuked the House for what he called a “halfway” case and said it was not the senators’ task to complete the factual record. He argued aggressively against the Senate calling for new witnesses and evidence, as Democrats have demanded that it be necessary for a fair trial.

“If the existing case is sound, there is no need for the judge and the jury to reopen the investigation,” he said. “If the existing case is weak, the House Democrats should not have charged in the first place.”

From the White House, the president’s assistants sent a different message. Appearing in “Fox and Friends,” Hogan Gidley, a White House spokesman, said that the president and his team “really don’t care who shows up, because the president has done nothing wrong.”

“I hate talking about hypothetical, but let’s be clear: the president is not afraid of a fight,” Gidley said. “And if you or anyone who hears our voices has been falsely accused of a crime, without evidence or evidence, for more than three years, you will also want all witnesses to come forward and say that this man is not bad.”

However, behind the scenes, Trump’s team prepared for a potentially damaging period, inviting conservative activists to the White House to chart a strategy for the next political trial fight.

Pelosi criticized both McConnell and Trump in his statement, accusing them of working together to cover up the facts that the House had discovered.

“The American people will fully understand the Senate’s measure to begin the trial without witnesses and documents as pure political cover-up,” he said. “The leader McConnell and the president fear that more facts will come to light.”

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