Home news The boss of Paris public security will be removed from office

The boss of Paris public security will be removed from office

Protesters degraded and looted shops on Avenue des Champs-Elysées on Saturday. – ZAKARIA ABDELKAFI / AFP

Broken shop windows, looted shops and clashes between police and rioters. After the impressive images of the violence on the Champs-Elysées during the 18th day of mobilization of
"Yellow vests", the heads begin to fall.

The director of proximity security of the Paris metropolitan area (DSPAP), Frédéric Dupuch, will be replaced, it was learned on Tuesday. According to government sources and close to the case, the executive also decided to terminate the duties of Pierre Gaudin, the current chief of staff of the prefect of police, Michel Delpuech. The dismissal of the latter was announced Monday by the Prime Minister. These departures should be formalized in the coming days.

Replace the failed "chain of command"

The government has questioned the "chain of command" of the police headquarters of Paris in the management of law and order on Saturday, which resulted in spectacular scenes of violence, looting and looting on the avenue des Champs Elysees. "Inappropriate instructions have been passed to reduce the use" of Defense Ball Launchers (LBDs),
lamented Monday Edouard Philippe. Regretting an "inhibition" of the police and a policing strategy "not implemented", Christophe Castaner also said that "decisions, instructions have escaped" the police prefect.

After the announcement of the replacement of Michel Delpuech by Didier Lallement at the head of the police headquarters of Paris, Secretary of State for the Interior, Laurent Nuñez had promised Tuesday morning on BFMTV "other sanctions". With these announced departures, the executive decided to profoundly upset the high hierarchy of the powerful police headquarters of Paris facing a new security crisis due to the persistence of the social movement of "yellow vests".

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