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The arrest of Iranians in Argentina with fake Israeli passports on suspicion of terrorism

Argentinian intelligence officers detained an Iranian couple in Buenos Aires after traveling with fake Israeli passports and suspected potential terrorists, local media reported.

The two suspects, identified as Sajjad Samil Nasrani, 27, and Mashoura Sabzali, 30, were arrested Tuesday while traveling with fake Israeli passports in the name of Nantanil and Rifka Toledano, the local newspaper "Clarin" reported.

Authorities have treated the couple as potential terrorist suspects and have since raised the alert level in Argentina, pointing out that passport numbers have been reported by their owners as missing or stolen with different names.

Reportedly, the Argentinian border authority seized the passports after the couple arrived from Isiza International Airport from Spain, leading to investigations with the Israeli police and the arrest of the Iranians by the counter-terrorism department of the Argentinian Federal Intelligence Service, which were using their phones and camera & # 39; s.

The Argentine authorities initially suspected that the passports had been stolen, but later discovered that they had been forged after many Hebrew spelling errors were found in official documents

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