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Tesla: Supermodel 3 | TIME ONLINE

No other car has in recent years more euphoria
generated as the Model 3
, The little Tesla is great hope for one
clean environment and for the survival of the American brand. As the first Tesla car for the mass should
he could make the company profitable – and by the way
electromobility helping to make a breakthrough in Germany.

Last year, Tesla produced 240,000 cars, of which almost 140,000
Model 3. Now it has arrived in Europe. All orders are expected to be delivered "in the first half of 2019". Can the model 3
meet all the big expectations? Or is it just one
Cheap version of his great and expensive pioneer, the Model S? To that
There is only one way to find out: the direct comparison.

Tesla has married and participated. The car maker announced to provide Model S 100D for testing purposes. That should take a week, in the end it was four. There are different reasons for this, but they show how
it is ordered to the company. Tesla is under it and
over it, the company zigzags. One day she announced that the cars will become cheaper because of the trade in the vehicles exclusively online and therefore
to be held. A few days later the correction came: The prices will be
raised again
because only part of the shops are closed.

Model S greets you with a warning

Just as chaotic as the company policy, the exchange of the
Model S with the Model 3 from. Three times the time was postponed.
Lastly, it said in writing: "The car is going for a very important internal
Testing needs, in the truest sense of the highest order. "Specialists from the US were flown in, the car was a week in
the workshop. The spokeswoman did not want to say what problems there were.

When the exchange still works, Model S welcomes you with the warning: "SOS. Maintenance required for eCall emergency call system. Tesla service
There, no one answered the phone and Tesla's answering machines were full.

New car models in the European Union have since been
be equipped with the automatic emergency call system eCall for one year. It sets
a call for help if the driver can not do this after an accident.
If the system does not work, it also can not help. trust in
It does not create new technologies.


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