Tashonna Ward left the emergency room to find another hospital and died 2 hours later.


After waiting more than two hours, the 25-year-old left and went to seek help for urgent care, the Milwaukee County coroner said in a report. She collapsed next to her car as soon as she came to urgent care, and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

His family wants to know why it took him so long to get medical help.

“I really don’t think they cared about my daughter,” her mother, Yolanda Ward, told WDJT, a CNN affiliate. “She shouldn’t have been waiting so long.”

Arrival at the hospital: 4:58 p.m.

The youngest Ward arrived at the emergency room at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee on January 2. It was 4:58 p.m.

He was there for 2 hours and 29 minutes, according to the coroner’s report. During that time, he received an electrocardiogram (EKG), which was normal, and a chest x-ray that showed he had cardiomegaly, an enlarged heart.

Ward had a miscarriage in March, after the umbilical cord was wrapped around his baby’s neck, and was told that he had developed an enlarged heart during pregnancy, according to the coroner’s report.

It is not clear if he had had an enlarged heart since pregnancy. Cardiomegaly can be caused by short-term stress in the body, such as pregnancy, or a medical condition such as weakening of the heart muscle, coronary artery disease and heart valve problems.

Departure from the emergency room: 7:27 p.m.

Around 7:27 p.m., annoyed by the long wait, Ward left the emergency room and turned to urgent care with his sister for faster medical help.

“I didn’t even have a wrist band (when I picked it up), so it was never prosecuted,” her sister, Brianna Ward, told the affiliate. “All they did was take her to the back, do chest X-rays, send her back to the lobby. She wasn’t even admitted.”

While in the hospital, Ward posted messages on Facebook criticizing the long wait, the member said.

Hospital phone call: 8:39 p.m.

About an hour later, at 8:39 p.m., the hospital called his phone to see how he was doing.

His sister told the caller that Ward had collapsed next to his car as soon as they got to the urgent care, and that he was returning to the hospital in an ambulance, according to the report.

“I need you to explain this to me, why didn’t you treat my daughter when I was there,” her mother told the affiliate.

Return to the emergency room: 9:07 p.m.

When he arrived at 9:07 p.m., Ward did not respond. She was pronounced dead minutes later, at 9:25 p.m. The cause of death was hypertensive cardiovascular disease and the form of death was natural, according to the coroner’s office.

The hospital refused to provide details, citing the patient’s privacy laws.

“The family is in our thoughts and has our deepest sympathy,” hospital spokesman Steve Schooff told CNN.

Ward’s relatives said they are struggling to accept the tragedy and hope to find out what happened to the beloved nursery teacher who loved the children.

“We ask that those who hear about Tashonna’s story continue to keep us in prayer, as this is still overwhelming and incredible,” his family said in a statement. “We are afflicted by pain, but we are trying to find answers.”

Family lawyers said they are working to get more information about his death. “The problems surrounding this tragedy involve more than just the Ward family, since they are problems that pose a threat to all of us,” lawyer B’Ivory LaMarr said in a statement.

Natalie Andes of CNN contributed to this report.



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