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SZ series "Wunschfunk" with Reinhard Mey – Media

What the audience wants from public service broadcasting. Among others: songwriter Reinhard Mey, a teacher and a farmer.

What should public broadcasting offer? What is he allowed to taste? The prime ministers are looking for answers. The SZ asks viewers and listeners their opinion in a daily questionnaire. Here you will find the first eight episodes collected.

What do you think about public service broadcasting first?

Independent coverage of social and political events in Switzerland and abroad, documentaries on important historical and cultural events of the past.

Katharina Burger is a secondary school teacher in the subjects German and Art. She is 27 years old and lives in Munich.

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When and how much do you watch TV?

Every other day about one to two hours, more in the evening.

Which program do you like to watch or listen to?

The daily News. Anne Will and Title theses temperaments,

Which consignment do you turn off?

At the gym ZDF.

Do you think broadcasters should have more freedom about what program they do?

I think independent reporting, unaffected by government, politics and business, continues to be an important pillar of opinion for each individual. However, within this framework, research and production should be free and creative so that broadcasters can compete with many private streaming services and online newspapers.

If you were an intendant, what would you change immediately? And what would you transform in the long term?

In the long term, I would try to change the image of public service broadcasting away from a stale apparatus to a group of modern, attractive channels. It would be desirable that the program selection also serves niche topics that appeals to a young audience.

If it was up to you, how much would you pay per month for the program that the public-legal ones deliver?

Between eight and ten euros.


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