Home news Syria conflict: Israel attacks Iranian targets in Syria

Syria conflict: Israel attacks Iranian targets in Syria

Israel has confirmed attacks on Iranian targets in Syria. The Israeli military said it had begun cracking down on Iranian Al-Kuds brigades on Syrian territory. At the same time, it warned Syrian government troops against retaliation. These should not "try to harm Israeli troops or the territory," it said.

In recent years, Israel has rarely openly commented on and reported such attacks in Syria, out of concern for being dragged into the raging Syrian civil war for eight years.

Israel had carried out a series of air strikes on targets near the Damascus International Airport after Syrian military intelligence on Sunday. According to the state-run Syrian news agency Sana, the country's air defense system was used against Israeli bombardment. A little later, the Israeli military released one
Notice that it in turn intercepted a rocket fired from
Syria was fired towards Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently confirmed that his country had attacked hundreds of targets in Syria linked to Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. This includes an attack on a weapons warehouse two weeks ago. Netanyahu said: "We have a defined policy: something against one
Anchoring Iran in Syria and doing something against anyone who
trying to harm us. "

Iran and Hezbollah are allied in the Syrian civil war with the government of President Bashar al-Assad.


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