Home news Suspected perpetrator caught: Hessian police find murdered pregnant women

Suspected perpetrator caught: Hessian police find murdered pregnant women

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<p class=A 25-year-old pregnant woman was killed in the Hessian Bad Nauheim.

(Photo: image / Hartenfelser)

When deployed in Bad Nauheim in the state of Hesse, the police make a horrible discovery: in a flat is the brutally dressed up corpse of a 25-year-old. She was pregnant. A few hours later her husband is arrested.

After finding a female body in Bad Nauheim, the police arrested the victim's 24-year-old husband. He is suspected of killing the 25-year-old pregnant woman. The Bulgarian must be presented to a judge tomorrow. This then determines the possible placement of the man in custody or in a psychiatric hospital. The suspect has not provided any information on the allegations so far, the public prosecutor reported.

According to researchers, the body of the 25-year-old was found on Monday night after witnessing a witness in an apartment in Bad Nauheim. The woman was killed by "multiple sharp acts of violence," said the prosecutor in Giessen. For tactical reasons, no further details could be made at the moment about the crime and the murder weapon.

The police had intensively searched for the first volatile husband. Due to mental abnormalities, he was classified as dangerous. The police searched the man publicly and warned the population not to pick up pickups and report suspicious people. A witness finally gave the crucial hint, a public prosecutor spokesperson said. The suspect was arrested without opposition in a hardware store in Bad Nauheim.



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