Super Bowl LIV: Nick Bosa’s brother, Joey, has an idea of ​​how to stop Patrick Mahomes


MIAMI – A parade of Super Bowl champions and Hall of Fame members, some of them among the best players in the full NFL football seasons with a game of less than 100, have made their way to the annual coronation of the sport. The question that many of the defensive luminaries are most frequently asked has to do with facing a player whose abilities are different from anything they saw during their game days.

How would you attack Patrick Mahomes?

“You can’t let it out,” former giant Lawrence Taylor said this week on Radio Row, offering his little advice. “You have to put it in the middle and you must shade it and you must be patient and wait for it. . . It’s hard to pressure a guy who runs like a fool. ”

However, far from all the fuss, the 49ers are not dealing with hypothetical. They do not have the luxury of planning remote games. They are accused of containing Mahomes and the Chief’s explosive offensive in Super Bowl LIV.

And when it comes to one of your key players in that search, it doesn’t matter what LT says or any of the other legends.

Nick Bosa laughed when asked if he paid attention to the pro bono news that the greats of all time are offering, and was very close to launching an “OK, Boomer” to Taylor and his friends.

“No,” he said shaking his head. “Definitely not.”

However, there is a player Bosa uses to ask for advice and advice on the subject. As it happens, he is the same person he has relied on for most of his life: his older brother Joey, 24, a defensive wing of the Pro Bowl for the Chargers.

Joey Bosa has faced the Chiefs six times in his four seasons and has faced Mahomes three times in the last two (he has 1-2 in those games against this particular quarterback). In those three games, he has five quarterback hits and six total tackles. . . but you don’t take out Mahomes.

His advice: don’t try to do it alone.

“It’s really important to rush as a unit and keep it in your pocket,” said Nick Bosa, 22. “There were a couple of plays against the Chargers where he came out of his pocket and ran for some first attempts.” Kill the defense because you have everything covered, you stopped them first and second and then let Mahomes get out and run for a quick first attempt. Then you are back trying to defend that offense. That is probably the most important thing. ”

Nick Bosa said his brother also gave him advice to deal with the Chiefs’ offensive attacks. Those words of wisdom he kept for himself.

Bosa will undoubtedly be named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year on Saturday night. He finished this regular season with nine catches, 25 quarterback hits and two passes shot down. The 49ers as a team were fifth in the NFL with 48 catches and seventh with 306 quarterback pressures.

“When you have rushers, speed up the quarterback process,” said 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. “Not that [Mahomes] It needs to accelerate. He already gets rid of him pretty quickly. But change the game. . . Have them [Bosa and fellow defensive end Dee Ford] out there, having them at full speed will only help. ”

If Bosa can get to Mahomes on Sunday, keep him content and avoid taking over the Super Bowl as he did in the two postseason games that brought the Chiefs here, maybe the 49ers can win.

And then, one day, Bosa himself can join the cavalcade of champions who appear every year showing their rings and offering unsolicited, and largely ignored, advice about the big game and the next big challenge.


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