Students with visual impairment in limbo after the change of status of Wyata Guna – National

Dozens of visually impaired students were forced to leave their dormitory at the Wyata Guna Social Rehabilitation Center for the Blind (BRSPDSN) in Bandung, West Java, Tuesday night, leaving at least 30 of them homeless.
The evictions followed a change of nomenclature for Wyata Guna, the oldest special education provider in Indonesia, from being a social house to strictly becoming a rehabilitation center. The change of status was based on the Ministerial Decree of Social Affairs No. 18/2018 on technical operations of social rehabilitation.
“We have no problem with whether [the institution] it will end up being a social house or a [rehabilitation] center but what is the solution [to our situation]? Do people with disabilities have no right to express their opinions? “Said Elda Fahmi, one of the students expelled from Wyata Guna.
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