Storms, supercell headed towards us

The wild weather that caused flash floods and brought a lot of welcome rain will continue today and over the weekend for southeastern Australia, NSW and Queensland before a supercell offers a big rain event on Monday.

Victories who prayed for rain were answered their prayers on Wednesday when a big thunderstorm brought lightning and filled the water meters with more than a month of rain in some parts.

The same storm brought heavy rains to the north. Canberra experienced a strong thunderstorm, as did the coast of New South Wales from Wollongong to Newcastle.

Thousands of rays cause blackouts in more than 9,000 homes in the Hunter region.

Experts say there will be more rain on Friday, but the storm brings strong winds, which means there is a real risk that trees damaged by fire will fall.

Sydney residents should expect showers and thunderstorms in the morning with a probability of 25 mm before it clears and calm conditions arrive.

But the calm will not last long. For the weekend, an important climate system will affect people in Victoria, South Australia and parts of New South Wales.

Sky News Weather chief meteorologist Tom Saunders said there were even chances of “supercell storms.”

“By Monday, a low pressure cut-off system will bring heavy general rains and we could see a severe generalized climate with harmful wind gusts, more flash floods and we could even see supercell storms,” ​​said Saunders.

“So there will be a great rain.”

The humid climate will not only affect the southeast. Brisbane will experience showers until next week.

The same goes for Townsville, Cairns and all the way to Darwin.

Melbourne is expected to be almost dry on Friday, but the Meteorology Office has warned that the smoke mist that enveloped the city earlier this week will return on Saturday.


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