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Stella Tennant: Highlander | time Magazine

© Photo Hill & Aubrey, Styling Klaus Stockhausen

Why was Stella Tennant always different from all other top models? A trip with her to her roots in the mountains of Scotland.


ZEITmagazin No. 7/2019

The conversation is nearing its end when Stella Tennant makes a spontaneous gesture that says a lot about her nature. It's about aging – a topic that may be a problem for a 48-year-old who has earned a lot of money with her beauty (and is still good at doing business). Tennant – 1.82 meters tall, fine facial features, flawless skin – leans forward from her chair immediately forward, opens her mouth wide and points with his forefinger. "Do you see the little wires?" There is not much to recognize. She is now straightening a few teeth, says Tennant, but she will not go further in terms of cosmetic corrections.


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