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Stanford banned student coupled with $ 500,000 donation to sailing program

"We have found that some of the material in the student's application is incorrect and that we have withdrawn the admission in accordance with our policies," Stanford said in an update on his website. "All earned credits have also been cleared, the student is no longer on the Stanford campus."

The student is not mentioned in the statement or in legal documents.

Stanford sailing coach John Vandemoer pleaded guilty last month to a conspiracy to make efforts to arrange bribes of $ 110,000 and $ 160,000 to the sailing program in exchange for incorrectly designating two applicants as sailing recruits. None of the students had a competitive sailing experience, reports the criminal complaint.

The money was led by rich parents to a charity led by Rick Singer, who then sent the payments to Vandemoer, according to the complaint.

However, neither student completed the application process, so neither was admitted or enrolled in the school, Stanford said.

USC says that students associated with cheating will be denied admission

However, a third student was associated with a contribution to Stanford's sailing program, from the central charity to the scam, known as the Key Worldwide Foundation, said Stanford.

"The contribution was made a few months after admission to Stanford, the student had no recommendation from the former sailing coach or any other coach and was never affiliated with the Stanford sailing program or any other Stanford athleticist. Team, & # 39 said Stanford.

Stanford said the KWF contributed a total of $ 770,000 to the sailing program in the form of three separate gifts. Given that the two non-enrolled students were associated with $ 110,000 gifts and $ 160,000 in the sailing program, the third student was therefore associated with a $ 500,000 gift.
Stanford is the second school that eliminates a student as part of the effects of the scam on the university. Yale University started two weeks ago with a student whose family paid $ 1.2 million to get her admitted as a fake footballer.



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