Home news Spycams: Koreans should have filmed 1600 hotel guests - Panorama

Spycams: Koreans should have filmed 1600 hotel guests – Panorama

  • With tiny hidden cameras to four men have spied more than 1600 hotel guests.
  • On the Internet, paying users should have access to the videos and live streams.
  • The two main suspects face up to seven years imprisonment. In South Korea, the spread of secretly filmed videos is a serious problem.

The police in South Korea have arrested four men who secretly filmed more than 1,600 hotel guests in their rooms with cameras. According to the news agency AP, the suspects are said to have put the footage live on the Internet to offer to paying users.

The South Korean police explained that mini-cameras have been found in various electrical devices. Also hair dryer mounts in the bathrooms of various hotels had been prepared with the tiny cameras. A total of 42 rooms in 30 small hotels in several South Korean cities have been affected.

Japan gobbled up


The Japanese have little sex, but eagerly read porn magazines – like in public. Right now this will finally end up here.By Christoph Neidhart

At the end of last year, according to AP, according to the police, the website was opened, where the men showed the video transmissions. The website was therefore operated via a foreign server. Like CNN and Guardian report that 4000 members have registered there since November last year. Of these, 97 paid $ 44.95 a month for additional features, such as the repetition of certain live scenes. According to the police, the suspects are said to have taken about seven million won (the equivalent of about 5440 euros).

The two main suspects face up to seven years imprisonment. One of them is accused of posing as a hotel guest and having the cameras installed. The other is said to have set up and looked after the now inaccessible website. Two other men are alleged to have been involved in the purchase of the cameras and to have helped finance the website.

The illegal dissemination of third-party video footage is a serious problem in South Korea. Thousands of women in Seoul have called for stricter conditions for the distribution of such videos on several occasions over the past year.

Even South Korean celebrities shy the release of unknowingly recorded videos apparently not. A well-known K-pop singer is currently being accused of sharing secretly recorded sex videos with women in group chats. A district court in the capital Seoul should decide on Thursday on a warrant for arrest against the musician.

"Our life is not your porn"

South Korea has toilets searched for spy cameras, because again and again secretly filmed films land on porn platforms on the Internet. In Seoul, there are even demonstrations against this type of voyeurism.By Christoph Neidhart


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