Home news Speculated demo: "The biggest tenant demo that Munich has ever seen"

Speculated demo: "The biggest tenant demo that Munich has ever seen"

At least 10,000 people are taking to the streets in Munich for affordable housing. It shows that the fear of repression is deep.

       Report by Elisa Britzelmeier



    Even far from the demo train, the content is already there. It comes on the way to # speculation almost inevitably past construction sites, often there are construction sites for luxury properties. If you do not see anything on the street, just take a look at his account. The gets a grumble in the stomach when he thinks of a possible rent increase, or a termination. The subject of living dominates the conversations of the people of Munich like little else.


    Thousands of them are so moved that they take to the streets. In the early afternoon you arrive at the Mariahilfplatz, pass through the Gärtnerplatz district, past the Maximilianstraße, over the Ludwigstraße to the Siegestor. By the evening there will be more and more, the police speak of 8000 demonstrators in the top of the train and 10 000 at the closing rally, the organizers of 11 000 and of the "largest tenant demo that Munich has ever seen." At the same time, it can be felt that housing has long since become a problem not only for people on low incomes. But also for those with medium.

"We will not drive us away"

Richard and Julia, in their early and mid-thirties, moved out of town last year. After Eching, where it is difficult to find a flat, but a bit better than downtown, as Richard says. He is in a moving box. There are holes for the head and the arms left and right, the rest of his upper body disappears. "Keller" is in Eddingschrift on top of it, the box was actually left over from the move. He has written "more apartments, fewer borders" on the page. The connection sees Richard very clear: In politics, the focus is currently being set wrong. "It's all about refugee politics, but living is the much more burning topic."


    It's the best demo weather, dry, not too hot, and it's going to be a peaceful demonstration that lasts a long time. Munich's of all ages have come, students, seniors. Fathers have babies strapped on, mothers push children on bicycle seats. The demo train leads right through the city center. There are people in Maximilianstrasse who look as if they could still afford Munich. But they also learn that there are many who are concerned otherwise. Two passers-by talk to policemen about the fact that even in Regensburg rents have become insanely high.


    An "excerpt of the Munich" should be the protest, a week before the entry of the Oktoberfest, the organizers had announced in advance. And so have some boxes and suitcases with you. Thomas Rogall, 57, has stuck his suitcase. "Pfiadi Bauminister Seehofer" is there.


    Four weeks are still up to the state election. The call of the tenants who had speculated # the idea, have joined several parties. In order not to favor any, was solved, so it starts with the ödp, followed by courage, pirates, free voters, leftists, SPD and Greens. The CSU is not there. It is the object of protest for some. What you hear again and again: annoyance about the sale of the GBW apartments in 2013.


    "We stay here, we will not drive you away!"


    But the biggest indignation is investors and speculators. Andreas Kräftner, who collects housing offers and requests in his Munich-popular newsletter called "Budenschleuder", has biscuits here: "Ausspekulatius". It is fitting to read on a poster: "Prefer spectacular speculoos as speculative speculators". Similarly, the speakers at the closing rally in front of the Siegestor formulate it. Beatrix Zurek from the Mieterverein München, which also heads the Department of Education and Sport, shouts down the stage: "We need people who understand that flats are not a speculative object." And: "We stay here, we will not drive us away!"

Tenants of all cities, unite!
                The subject of living becomes a social issue of our time. Can this lead to a social movement that actually changes something?
                Essay by Hannah Beitzer
            more …

The protest was supposed to be colorful, according to the appeal, so the people of Munich should come in their work clothes. Only a few have followed, probably because there are not too many differences between professional and private clothing. But as Miethaie have disguised several, the motto can be found on some posters again, on one of "(Miethai) dhausen" the speech. A woman is traveling in a dirndl, one has a sign umgehängt "educator recommends educators."


    #A speculation should also show how many different people live in this city and how important they are for it to work. Co-organizer Roland Fischer of the Munich SPD says it on stage: "The richest in this city can not live without police and rescue workers who can afford to live here in the city."



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