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Species Diversity: 18.4 percent vote in favor – Bavaria

With the unexpectedly high participation, it is the most successful referendum so far in the Free State.

A clear result: 1 745 383 voters in Bavaria have registered in the referendum biodiversity. The preliminary result corresponds to a shareholding of 18.4 percent. This clears the way for a referendum. For a success of the initiative, which had advertised under the slogan "Save the bees" for votes, would have been necessary only a participation of ten percent.

In fact, participation in each county and every single county-level city was above that mark. The participation was lowest at 10.5 per cent, the highest reported in the district of Starnberg with 27.7 per cent. Results at community level does not include the quick message.

Politics in Bavaria Bavaria is as progressive as the CSU never wanted to be

Referendum biodiversity

Bavaria is as progressive as the CSU never wanted to be

The success of the referendum forces Söder to be at the forefront of the conservation movement. Against the will of the government, the Free State could become a pioneer throughout Europe.Comment by Sebastian Beck

The success of the referendum raises in the opinion of Bavaria's Environment Minister Thorsten Glauber (Free Voters) the pressure on more species protection in the cities and communities. The initiative aims at changes in the Bavarian Nature Conservation Act: biotopes are to be better networked, riparian strips are to be better protected and organic cultivation purposefully developed.

Glauber announced a "Volksbegehren plus" and said on Thursday in Munich: "Everyone is in demand, everyone in his own garden". Again, it is about, for example, to reduce the use of toxins. The minister warned that the projects should not be at the expense of a single profession. This refers to the farmers – the Bavarian Farmers Association had vehemently opposed the desire to resist.

The representative of the referendum, Agnes Becker (ÖDP), stressed that she will stick to the demands of the bill of the people's petition in the round table scheduled by Prime Minister Söder next week. "We enter the conversation with all goodwill," she said. "But the bar is our bill." This was already a compromise.

Environment Minister Glauber conceded that in some areas, content would have to be sharpened and things would have to become obligations. As an example, he called the waters edge strips. "This is a very clear must.It can not be that Bavaria as the last federal state does not protect the waters edge strip."

The Volksbegehren biodiversity is the most successful in Bavaria so far. Before that, the highest participation was recorded in 1967: 17.2 percent of those entitled to vote enrolled in a referendum on school policy at that time.

Referendum biodiversity

"We will not stand behind our demands"

The referendum to save the bees has found enormous approval in Bavaria. Initiator Agnes Becker explains what she is about to negotiate with opponents at the round table – and what about not.Interview by Isabel Bernstein


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