When Mörserbeschuss out Pakistan According to Indian army figures, an Indian soldier has been killed in Kashmir. Three others were severely injured when the Pakistani forces fired over the de facto border between the two countries in the embattled Kashmir. India had returned the fire, there had been a two-hour firefight.

Skirmishes come along the so-called control line between the India and Pakistan dominated parts of Kashmir again and again. In recent weeks, the conflict of hostile neighboring states had worsened.

In mid-February were in a suicide bombing with a car bomb in the Indian part Kashmir 40 Indian security forces have been killed. The Pakistani-born terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed the deed for themselves. Eleven days later, India flew an air strike on Pakistani territory for the first time since 1971. Pakistan then shot down at least one Indian fighter jet and landed a pilot. After his release on March 1, the situation had eased a bit.

Since the independence of the former British India and its separation
 In India and Pakistan in 1947, both countries claim Kashmir
for themselves. Both control part of the Himalayan region and have already fought two wars around the region. On
Conflict between India and Pakistan is considered particularly critical as both countries are nuclear powers.