Home news Söder wants to introduce new school subject in Bavaria - Bavaria

Söder wants to introduce new school subject in Bavaria – Bavaria

  • The new subject that Söder wants in Bavaria should be called "everyday life skills and life economy".
  • It covers areas such as knowledge of local nature and agriculture, climate protection and practicalities for everyday life.
  • More practical relevance has been a wish of the National Student Council for years. Minister of Finance Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) calls Söder's idea for the first time only a "declaration of intent".

As soon as students have their degree in their pockets, they are overwhelmed by life. From the variety of possibilities, from the question of university or education, of practical matters such as leases, insurance or cooking recipes. Such complaints that the school does not prepare girls and boys for life after, come up regularly. A new school subject it should now judge in Bavaria, it wants Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in its package of measures to protect species. "Everyday competence and life economy" should be called this subject and give children more appreciation and knowledge about local nature and agriculture, about climate protection and practical information for everyday life.

For years now, more practical relevance has been the wish of the Landesschülerrat (LSR), or more precisely the LSR-Gymnasium students: Instead of interpreting poems in several languages, students have to learn to conclude leases. Matthias Weingärtner, the former LSR spokesman for grammar schools, described this content in the discussion on the curriculum for the new G 9 as a "life story". The student speakers also complained about too many freshers who could not even work with Word and Excel. So far, however, additional hours for existing subjects such as social studies were a taboo, in order not to trigger new distribution struggles of the subject representatives for hours and importance. Not to mention new subjects. More time for political education was even an argument of the CSU for the new G 9.

Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) calls Söder's idea "Willing expression" and emphasizes that his group had already demanded more everyday knowledge in schools in 2013. Nevertheless, there is no current plan. Which topics are covered in this new subject, whether it is intended for all types of school and which teachers should teach it, is just as hard as the status elective or compulsory subject for all.

"Thinking bans" do not exist, said Piazolo. It should now go fast. He wants to present results before the summer break. The Ministry should also examine which projects already exist. One does not have to look long: the State Institute for School Quality and Educational Research published a concept years ago that also means "everyday life and life economy" and should impart interdisciplinary knowledge on nutrition, health, housekeeping and the environment to students from the first to the tenth grade. At many secondary schools, there is also the elective subject "consumer profi" since 2014.

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