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Social system: Olaf Scholz supports Andrea Nahles' departure from Hartz IV

The SPD chairman Andrea Nahles In her plans for a departure from the welfare system Hartz IV has the support of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. The time has changed, so the SPD propose a good fifteen years after the hitherto last fundamental reforms again before a modernization of the welfare state, the vice-party leader said South German newspaper, On Sunday and Monday, the SPD executive wants to discuss concrete ideas during a two-day closed-door meeting.

The ever faster transformation of the world of work through technological progress and globalization should not be accompanied by less security, said Scholz, He therefore considers that improvements in the duration of the unemployment benefits are necessary.

In a template for the closed-door meeting, the head of Nahles beats one
Series of social policies: raising the minimum wage,
Services for children easier and a right to the
Legally anchoring work from home. Besides, she wants older ones
Unemployed persons pay the higher unemployment benefit I longer and speak of
 Goal to overcome the previous Hartz IV system.

Sigmar Gabriel calls for lower corporate taxes

Also the spokesman of the Seeheimer circle conservative social democrats,
Johannes Kahrs, Nahles defended and stood behind the planned
Turning back on central Hartz reforms. At the same time he demanded more again
Weight for Gabriel and ex-party leader Martin Schulz. "You have one
play an important role, "he said Stuttgarter Nachrichten and the Stuttgarter Zeitung, "I can only do everything in my party
recommend taking Sigmar Gabriel and Martin Schulz and everywhere
install "."

The ex-chairman Sigmar Gabriel warned the SPD to be reduced to the topic of social issues. "We have to want to be more than the National Works Council," said the former Minister of Economic Affairs in the Augsburger Allgemeine, He called for a reduction in corporate taxes and public investment in digital infrastructure.

"Just putting billions into social programs will not make people choose us," warned Gabriel, "Voters want to recognize that a party and its people can cope with the challenges of the future."


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