Snow day silhouettes: from bike lane skiers to shoveling unicorns, Metro Vancouver gloats in the snow

Metro Vancouver is digging one of its strongest snowfall in years.

Canada loves to joke about how the South Coast reacts to winter weather, and there is no doubt that things can get a little crazy on the roads and the transit system.

But can you really blame a city that Environment Canada says it receives less than nine days a year with more than 0.2 centimeters of snow?

The Lower Continent digs up after a snowstorm that causes the highway and transit station to close

The seasonal weather explosion can also create some entertaining and winter scenes, as locals struggle to cope with the snow, or delight in it.

Here is a summary of some of the most unusual views around the Low Continent in the middle of this week’s snowstorm.

Coastal skiers

With more than 10 centimeters of snow (and up to 28 in some areas), some residents of the Lower Continent took the opportunity to dig their cross-country skis for a seasonal trip.

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South Coast Crushing

Other locals took out their snowboards and sleds, transforming streets and access roads into makeshift downhill slopes.

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Unusual snow shovel

A man from Vancouver was seen Tuesday using an unusual snow shovel: a folding chair.

Meanwhile, in Surrey, a unicorn was seen doing the job.

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Snow Day Singer

For the first time this season, virtually all schools on the south coast were closed for a snow day.

Shawn Davids, principal of Langley Dorothy Peacock Elementary, found a fun way to announce that classes were canceled.

Frisbee t-shirt

It was so cold in Whistler that a man found a completely new way to play frisbee.

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Transit issues

There was nothing funny about Metro Vancouver transit problems for travelers on Wednesday morning, with dozens of bus routes affected, SkyTrain station closures and train delays.

However, the winter weather created some unusual scenes.

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Bad drivers

And, of course, as always, there were several drivers who gave us all a lesson in what we shouldn’t do in the snow.

For some tips and tricks on how to navigate safely on snowy roads, see our explanator here.

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