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Smartphone: my telephone life

Eva-Maria Lemke

                            © privatEva-Maria Lemke confesses: "I am a mobile phone messie"
        Apps are indispensable for me! The first one I open in the morning is the weather app YR of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute: It is pleasantly spartan and shows the weather worldwide. Then Twitter greets me. Throughout the day, I listen to my favorite podcasts and use everything that takes me from A to everywhere: I buy S-Bahn tickets with the BVG driving info app, order an e-car via CleverShuttle or let BikeCitizens do the best for me Show bicycle route. However, the voice of this app is horrible – as if a bad-tempered cyborg is chasing through the city.
        At home, my phone no longer belongs to me: as soon as my daughter sees it, she wants it. Since I am probably wrong at a point in early childhood education. Of course, I have also installed apps especially for them, for example, the app Petting Zoo by Christoph Niemann right on the start page. Unfortunately she does not care. Instead, she prefers to take a hundred photos of her feet or write emoji messages to Omi: jhgiaiL Iyl $ & / &, & 8; @@? U for example.
        Unfortunately, I have to say that I treat my phone very badly: there is always some TV make-up on the screen. I'm afraid I'm a phone messie. But people who constantly clean their phone with a microfibre cloth are also difficult to bear.
        The Berlin journalist, 36, has been a member of the RBB
Moderation team of the "Abendschau", from January next year
she moderates "contrasts". From 2015 to January 2018 she moderated the news magazine "heute +". In 2014, she was awarded the Axel Springer Prize for Young Journalists.
        Marina Weisband

                            © privatMarina Weisband could not even get her first smartphone
        When the Twitter app hit the market in 2009, it was a reason for me to use a smartphone
      although I could hardly afford it. I've had something like Twitter for a long time
      dreamed of! At that time I often posted only a few sentences in my blog. I wished
      a platform where I could do exactly that: anytime, anywhere short, spontaneous
      Sharing thoughts with people who are interested. I also like to shoot with the
      Phone, so much use the photo app and various image editing programs. also
      I like to spend my time on the joke platform 9GAG.
        Some time ago, I was on the train and watching a couple, diagonally across from me
      sat, a beautiful woman and someone whom I considered her friend. The two led
      apparently a dispute. I have tweeted my observations live. I described how
      I imagine their relationship, role allocation and so on. Suddenly, I answered
      someone on Twitter: "That's not my friend!"
        It was actually the woman opposite – who happened to follow me on Twitter and my mail
      had read. Apparently I had misjudged everything: they were not a couple, and
      they did not argue either. Some time later I actually have them again
      met, at a party congress of the Greens. We have about my wild speculation about her
      Privacy laughed a lot!

This article is from TIME no. 38/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

I have a real enthusiasm for everything new. I like that our inventions
      Change language and our social structures. That's why my favorite apps are also included
      a whole range of messengers, I actually use everyone that exists. For certain
      People or in certain contexts I take different messengers, sometimes for sure
      encrypted as signal, but sometimes common as WhatsApp or the
      Facebook Messenger. I have relatives in Ukraine, Mexico, USA and Israel.
      In the past, these family members would have been lost to me, now they can be with me
      Share life. In everyday life I can quickly send you a photo of my daughter, who is at the
      Spilled food – a banality that I would not spend a penny on if I went for it
      Would have to pay postage. In this way they can be close to me in everyday life. Without the
      Messenger services would be impossible.
        The politician, graduate psychologist and author was born in 1987 in Kiev, Ukraine. From 2011 to 2012 she was Political Director of the Pirate Party. Since 2014 she has been head of policy at politik-digital e. V. a project on political education.
        Alexa Hennig from Lange
                            © privatAlexa Hennig von Lange has never downloaded an app
        Above all, I use apps that were on my phone right from the start, like the calculator, the alarm clock or the photo app; the alarm app daily, since I have no other alarm clock. Personally, I've never downloaded an app, I do not even know where to buy those things. Also, the handy app Shazam, with which I can find out what the song means that I just happen to hear somewhere, has someone else installed for me.
        When I travel through the English countryside on vacation, I mainly use the National Trust app. With it you can find very well hidden castles, gardens and mansions. In addition, she indicates in which of these time-honored buildings there is also a café.
        I do not feel intense feelings towards my phone. I am glad that I can make phone calls and listen to music, that my many nice pictures are on it, and the text messaging thing is good too. The only downside is that my smartphone is constantly falling to the ground.
        The 45-year-old author published her debut novel "Relax" in 1997, with which she became the voice of her generation overnight. In 2002 she got the German Youth Literature Prize. Her latest book "Kampfsterne" has just been published by DuMont.
        Sasha Lobo
                            © privateSascha Lobo is still playing "Pokémon Go"
        The apps I use most often are
        Pokémon Go,
        Twitter, Soundcloud, News / iMessage, Gmail, Calendar, Camera app, and Browser. I organize my life professionally and privately as far as possible via smartphones (Apple and Android). I even met my wife on Twitter, we exchange about sixty-two thousand messages a day. Last time I installed Lime. So you can rent electric scooter. Sounds like children's stuff, but is undoubtedly the future of urban mobility.
        My favorite app is
        Pokémon Go.
        Yes, still, yes, seriously, yes, with full enthusiasm (Level 39, Pokédex 371/374). I go for a walk every morning, there are always the same five ways in town. The app is the ideal motivation and distraction – and also serves the edification.
        The net is a kind of home for me, and the smartphone is currently the most flattering representation of digital networking. It can happen to me without a key, purse or pants. Not without a smartphone.
        Blogger and author, 43, has been writing a weekly column on Spiegel Online since 2011. He has authored several books on the digitization of business and society and now and then films for ZDF.

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