Small crowd bath for the president in Le Touquet


Emmanuel Macron
April 10, 2019. – Alastair Grant / AP / SIPA

Emmanuel Macron, who spends the Easter weekend with his family in the house of his wife Brigitte in Le Touquet, offered a small crowd bathing this Sunday in the seaside resort of

The President of the Republic arrived Saturday night at the villa Monéjan having followed since the Elysee the 23rd day of mobilization of "yellow vests", enamelled incidents in Paris.

A crowd coming to take a picture

While many onlookers were waiting Sunday morning near the house of this posh seaside resort in the hope of seeing him, the head of state finally came out, surrounded by his guard, around 12:30.

"Bravo, President! "," Continue President! Several people shouted at the crowds gathering around him to take a picture of him.

Brigitte Macron arriving on Thursday

Some were there out of curiosity, others by political sympathy. Emmanuel Macron shook hands and exchanged a few words.The walkabout lasted about fifteen minutes, a few meters, before the journalists, present in number, were blocked by the police.

Brigitte Macron, who arrived on Thursday evening in the seaside resort, regularly goes to Le Touquet but the last visit of the Head of State dates back to Easter weekend, a year ago, April 1.

A walkabout a year ago

He had already offered on this occasion a walkabout in the streets of the resort before going to play tennis.

On Sunday morning, he did not go to the Easter Mass, contrary to what concordant sources said on Saturday. A search had taken place in the church of St. Joan of Arc in order to secure it.