Home news Sigmar Gabriel: Ex-SPD leader considers coalition agreement for not up to date

Sigmar Gabriel: Ex-SPD leader considers coalition agreement for not up to date

The longtime SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel
 advises his party, seriously considering an end to the grand coalition
to draw. The SPD must examine whether the coalition agreement "sufficient
focused on the challenges of tomorrow ", said Gabriel
 the mirror
, "My feeling is that he is not." The SPD must
for the modernization of the economy, the state and social security
compete, said Gabriel. "Only if CDU / CSU
willing to tackle these challenges, co-decision makes sense.
If not, you have to go. "

In autumn, probably at the party congress
 In December, the party wants to discuss the so-called revision clause. These
 was in the mid term review coalition Agreement from Union and SPD
arranged. It is unclear whether the SPD formally has a
Exit from the coalition will vote. There are also voices
that a new member survey is necessary for an exit.

With the new premium for a billion euros Basic pension for
 low income
and a departure from parts of the Hartz IV reform
the SPD tip around Andrea Nahles currently on a left
Profiling course. The Union rejects most of the proposals so far. The
SPD party committee meets on 10 and 11 February to a
Retreat in Berlin to discuss the further course of the party.

In order to
 could deepen the divide in the coalition – too
CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wants the grand coalition one
own mid-term review
, The Union wants new impetus to
Germany in the face of the weakening economy for the future too
 do. at CDU/ CSU there are demands for a tax
Relieving companies to create new investment incentives.

 Comeback speculation said the new SPD leadership duo
Nahles and Olaf Scholz no longer considered for the Cabinet Gabriel:
 "Those are all projections in which the dissatisfaction
with the current state of the SPD. "He does not think about offices
After, said Gabriel, who was previously an advocate of the coalition – and finally attracted criticism of Nahles.


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