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"Should we send journalists, we asked the question for Iraq, now we ask for Rouen"

The violent acts against the journalists were particularly numerous during this "act IX" of the "yellow vests": Fabien Namias, the general director of LCI, whose reporters were molested on the ground, came to testify with the microphone of France Inter.

A team from LCI and the security agents who escorted it were attacked Saturday in Rouen
A team from LCI and the security agents who escorted it were attacked Saturday in Rouen © Screenshot of the video Paris Paris

On 11 January, "yellow cardigans" organized the blocking of the Yonne Républicaine printing center or, in the north, the blocking of the Anzin deposit of The voice of the north, with the key, 20,000 newspapers are not distributed. In Toulouse, a journalist from the shipment du Midi has been threatened with rape. In Toulon, two AFP reporters took refuge in a restaurant to escape threats, while in Marseille a JRI of France 3 was held to party. Especially in Rouen, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, a team of LCI was attacked by demonstrators in the middle of the crowd.

Fabien Namias, CEO of LCI, has returned to the Instant M microphone, about these acts of violence, worrying about press freedom: these journalists, he says, were recognizable "simply because they had a camera, worn by Hugo Blaise, the JRI (Reporter Reporter Image) and Julien Garrel, our reporter reporter. "

"In this case there was I believe logo's, we have not systematically masked in. In fact, whether LCI or not, it's the journalists who are targeted whatever they are"he notices.

Not so much the media as the profession itself and the journalists themselves

The issue of "In order to know whether we should send reporters to such a place, we have always asked them, but we have asked them about Iraq, Syria, a war theater, where we wonder when we send a team to Rouen, Bourges or Place de l & # 39; Etoile, in France, it is unheard of " regrets Fabien Namias.

Should we stop covering the protests of "yellow vests", Fabien Namias asks herself, a team from LCI was beaten Saturday in Rouen © AFP / Fred DUFOUR

Do we have to give up the "yellow cardigans"?

"Me", the general manager of LCI replies, "I have a natural inclination, and that is" under all circumstances to do your job. "We do our work by reporting what we see, describing, questioning, explaining and putting it in the right perspective: all events, whatever they may be, happy, joyful, dramatic, violent, moving, are worth reporting. "

Fabien Namias also reacts to the tweet by Noelle Lenoir, a former minister who believes this "journalists attacked by" yellow cardigans "are responsible for what they suffer" :

"Stupidity", he said, "it is shocking and unworthy. "" A former minister, a member of the Constitutional Council, responsible for maintaining public freedoms and the law, and tolerating and legitimizing brutality, punishments, violence and injuries to journalists or anyone else? This is very shocking. It is pretty unfortunate and shameful. & # 39;

Journalists protected by security guards

Fabien Namias went into detail about the security regulations around his journalists in the field. Security guards "played their part in the protection of a first team in Rouen, but also in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, Saturday not far from the Place de l & # 39; Etoile, where Jerome [l’un d’entre eux] broke his nose ". This device "It changes things by nature, having security officers is a necessity imposed by the situation, but that necessarily changes the nature of things on the ground." Interviewees can perceive the negative, sometimes as security officers for police officers, law enforcers ".

In the end, Fabien Namias responded to the questions posed by a "yellow card journalist" to Jean-Michel Apathie, last week, at the exit of LCI. Here is the video of this exchange:

For Fabien Namias, "someone who guides you to your car, I find it physically disturbing and Jean-Michel Apathie keeps his calm, he removes remarkably well".

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