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Ship drifting, falling "caliphate" and Pharaonic expo

Clashes erupted at 4 pm, Place de la Comedie, during the act 19 of the demonstration of "yellow vests" in Montpellier. – Sylvain THOMAS / AFP

Friday, you lost 15 hours of your life watching the Earth turn on a live Youtube? We suggest you redo a little, thanks to our summary in 2 minutes of the news of these 48 hours.

1. The Scary Scenario: Cruise Drift

Seventeen people at the hospital, it is not quite a happy ending, but considering that Saturday risks the 1,300 occupants of the liner Viking Skyit's a small miracle. The cruise ship
has lost the use of 3 of its 4 engines in one of the most dangerous areas of the world. The rescue helicopters helped save some of the passengers, the mechanics did the rest and the sea monster was able to regain
its port of refuge Sunday afternoon.

More info: Everything is said in this video. Phobic shipping, go your way …

2. The story to follow: the "Caliphate" has fallen

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced Saturday the total elimination of the self-proclaimed "caliphate" of the Islamic State group and "100% territorial defeat of Daesh". This is the end of the "caliphate" declared in 2014 and which controlled, at its peak, an area equivalent to that of Great Britain. A "major danger for our country" has been "eliminated", said Emmanuel Macron in the wake.

More info: "The war in Syria is far from over," says Agnès Levallois, a specialist in the Middle East, to whom we asked
analyze the SDS announcement.

3. The Saturday series: Act 19 marked by the hospitalization of a septuagenarian

If it took place in relative calm in Paris, Act 19 of the "Vests Jaunes" ended in Nice by the hospitalization of a 73-year-old woman, seriously injured in the head during a police charge. His family will file a complaint on Monday. The Nice prosecutor
explained to him that he had opened on Saturday afternoon "a traditional investigation into the causes of injuries".

More info: Our reporter in Nice had taken a picture shortly before the charge. Geneviève Legay is one of the fights on the Côte d'Azur.
Discover his portrait …

4. The anticipation film: False departure for pensions

Because there is nothing more exciting than spending your first spring weekend counting your quarters, but also, because the debate on pension reform is in full swing, we are interested in the age real departure of the French. Rather surprising results.

More info: The French who are already retired, they are mainly for the next generations to retire later. History, in particular, to finance their dependency risks. It's less surprising, but that
it was worth asking them.

5. The historical pearl: Tutankhamun, the event exhibition

From Tahrir Square to the Giza Museum and the Grande Halle de la Villette. The treasures of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, exhibited for years in Cairo and soon regrouped in a new establishment at the foot of the pyramids, are offering a world tour of rock star. In Paris, 130,000 tickets sold for pre-sale, making it one of the biggest successes of the year.

More info:
"The mystery of the Pyramids is the mystery of consciousness in which one does not enter" but whose outlines can be traced through the slideshow of
our service Photos.


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