Home news Sentinel soldiers will not be "in contact with protesters"

Sentinel soldiers will not be "in contact with protesters"

Illustratino of Sentinel soldiers on patrol in Tours. – GUILLAUME SOUVANT / SIPA

A military presence that disturbs. Soldiers of Operation Sentinel, called
in reinforcement to frame the demonstrations of the yellow vests, will not make maintenance of the order. They will not in any case in contact with protesters, were keen to ensure this Friday the Ministers of Armies Florence Parly and Foreign Affairs
Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Asked about RMC-BFMTV, the French chief of defense, Minister of Defense at the time of the establishment of the Sentinel antiterrorist operation in 2015, said: "There was never any question that the forces of Sentinel intervene in the maintenance of order. It's not their role to get in touch with the protesters. "

Mobilized during Euro 2016 football

He recalled that "this is not the first time" that the military come in support of the police. "At the time of the Euro 2016 football, when the police forces were in high demand, it was Sentinel soldiers who replaced the police forces in the security of a number of buildings, embassies, places of worship" , he said.

In an interview published Friday by The Parisianthe Minister of Armies Florence Parly for its part assured that it "is not the idea of ​​anyone to put the military in front of the demonstrators." The participation of the Sentinel soldiers simply allows "to lighten the police and gendarmes of a number of tasks that they commonly perform in the fight against terrorism," she added.

"To relieve" the forces of order

"It's about allowing [aux policiers] to do what they are the only ones to be able to do: the maintenance of public order, continued the minister. The idea is to replace punctual police and gendarmes on tasks that the Sentinel operation can accomplish.

"We will ensure that Sentinel can further relieve the police," said Florence Parly, while ensuring that "the division of tasks is very clear between military and police," and that it is "off question that soldiers be placed in front of protesters.

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