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Sender of letter bombs pleads guilty – policy

  • Cesar Sayoc is accused of sending mail bombs to several people in the fall that are critical of US President Donald Trump.
  • Now he has pleaded guilty to a federal court.
  • He faces a life imprisonment.

A Florida man suspected of sending letter bombs to critics of US President Donald Trump last fall has pleaded guilty to a federal judge. Cesar Sayoc is accused of sending a total of 16 packages of explosive charges to 13 people and facilities that are critical of Trump.

Among the recipients were former US President Barack Obama and his deputy Joe Biden, former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, the actor Robert De Niro and various representatives of the US Congress and the television channel CNN.

Genetic traces and spelling errors

The man who has allegedly sent pipe bombs to Clinton and Obama is a "very staunch supporter" of Trump.By Hubert Wetzel

As the Washington PosThe 57-year-old admitted to court that he had built and mailed the mail bombs himself. "I know these things were wrong, I apologize a lot," he said. None of the packages ignited, but Sayoc said in the New York courtroom that he was aware of the risk that this could have happened.

Sticker from Trump to Van

So far Sayoc, who comes from Florida, had pleaded not guilty. The defendant lived in a van with stickers of US President Trump attached before the deed. In addition, should have found in the vehicle images of opponents Trump, on which a crosshair was seen.

The parcels had arrived at the receivers just before the important midterm elections in the fall and had kept the USA in suspense for a while. Several post-distribution centers were combed in search of more explosives.

Sayoc, who is said to have worked as a DJ and bouncer in strip clubs, is the Washington Post after several crimes, including assault and theft. Because of the letter bombs, the dispatch of which some US Federal representatives called a "domestic terrorist attack", he now faces a life imprisonment.

Politics USA The message is hate

The message is hate

Also in Germany denunziert in the net and turned by the wolf. In the US, hatred has become a major threat to everyday life.By Hubert Wetzel


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