Seehofer has deportation of Amris known check | TIME ONLINE


Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants the deportation of a friend of the assassin Anis Amri from the Christmas market in Berlin. He had learned about it this Friday and wanted to have the case checked, said a spokeswoman. She pointed out that the Tunisian Bilal B.A. was deported in 2017,
So even before Seehofer's inauguration in the spring of 2018. The law enforcement authorities would have the deportation in advance

Bilal B. A. had contact with Amri shortly before the act in which twelve people were killed. Shortly after the attack he had been deported to Tunisia. The Committee of Inquiry of the Bundestag on the Berlin Christmas Market attack wants to hear him as a witness. As the committee has said, a majority of its members are in favor of a corresponding ruling. However, it is unclear whether the Tunisian should be interrogated in Berlin or abroad. Against B. A. was at that time a re-entry ban for
the Schengen area, the committee chairman said
Armin Schuster (CDU). He therefore considers a survey abroad

The Green politician Konstantin von Notz criticized the handling of the alleged Amri confidant clearly. Given the important role played by the Tunisian in Amri, the question arises whether he was "just a witness, an aide or an accomplice". But this and the dimension of the attack did not do justice to the interrogation of the man. In addition, B.A. been deported within a few days, "without having to investigate in the case".

In the committee of inquiry was on Thursday evening also about footage from
 Tatort been spoken at the Gedächtniskirche on which allegedly
Bilal B.A. to be seen. Several members of the committee said they had no relevant recordings. The
Federal Criminal Investigation declined to comment with reference to the
Responsibility of the Federal Prosecutor. A spokesman for
Attorney General said it was on Breitscheidplatz at the time of
Stop according to the current state of the investigations "no further
Suspected on the spot. "The investigation will be against Bilal B.A.
 at that time "had been set in the absence of a sufficient suspicion".

Amri had fled to Italy after the fact. There he had been shot dead at a police checkpoint. How Amri came to Italy and whether he possibly had escape helpers is still unclear.