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Scott Linehan will remain in the Cowboys staff

Scott Linehan it could have escaped the ax.

Two days after the Dallas Cowboys were defeated 30-22 by the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Round Division, a change in the team's technical staff was largely expected. Head coach Jason Garrett it was considered largely safe after having gathered the team from a record of 3-5 to 10-6, the NFC East crown and a Wild Card win while defensive minds Rod Marinelli is Kris Richard – even if they suffer a bad game from their unit on January 12 – has led their unit to be constantly one of the best defenses of the NFL. The offense, however, was a very different story in 2018, putting everyone's eyes on Linehan since the Cowboys failed to score much more than their average 21.2 when the defense had to be taken for once.

In the end, it does not seem to be fired for ineptitude, if left to Garrett – who said at 105.3FM the Monday Fan "does not anticipate any major change" in the technical staff.

There is still no word from Jerry Jones and / or Stephen Jones following the game, then put a pin in Garrett's statement until further notice.

Furthermore, if Garrett is not indulging for public relations reasons, there is also the possibility that the team may shift titles and responsibilities, potentially granting gaming tasks to someone who is not Linehan for 2019 and beyond.

In other words, there is still a lot to sift.

After the game, Garrett joined Marinelli and Richard in taking responsibility for everything that went wrong. Linehan would not do anything like that, instead he saw journalists pass as he left the stadium. Jerry Jones also avoided journalists once the clock hit all zeros, a move that usually means that something is in his mind. In fact, it turned out to be Linehan and how bad the Cowboys' offense continued to be the whole season – with little respite from its inadequacies. It is certainly not due to lack of talent, especially after the success of the blockbuster to achieve double professionalism Amari Cooper in week 8, a move that helped save the season.

This gave the Cowboys a 1,000-yard receiver to compete with the NFL's former Rookie of the Year and the championship champion, but they still finished the regular season in 22nd place in both yards and points per game – an average of 21.2 in the year (and having plunged below an average of 20 ppg more than once).

Offensive line coach Paul Alexander he was fired only seven days after Jones' last resort was becoming silent, a move that could and should have been seen as a warning to Linehan – who wanted the OL coach for a long time on the staff . Despite the obvious schema problems and the fact that Alexander's Cincinnati had regularly underperformed, the Cowboys took it to disastrous results. There was also the question of the organization siding with Linehan on All-Pro wideout Dez Bryant following public criticism of the offensive scheme, the way the team would have been better suited to adopt a WR-by-committee approach was sold. That was an alleged "Dak-friendly" crime has fallen on its own blade since the first week, and the re-signing Brice Butler a week later he did nothing but end up with the veteran who routed thousands of dollars for zero receptions before being cut.

The decision to crown Linehan in the 2018 season was strange, but eventually gave the Cowboys enough leverage to send their suitcases if things were not "tight", as an anonymous player told Albert Breer of SI.com 39; OC during the season. He never really did, and the team found themselves hoping for monstrous games by stone players on a weekly basis as a means of masking ineptitude at the game level. Sometimes it was Elliott who saved the situation, and in other cases it was Prescott and / or Cooper, but it had never really felt like the offensive system had taken a step forward.

If nothing else, it continued to remain stagnant or move in the wrong direction, its super-conservatism that worked so well with an offensive dominant line in 2016 is now completely outclassed in today's NFL.

Subject to any changes in the structure of this agreement, that point will probably be the case again in 2019.

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