Scientists apologize for accepting Jeffrey Epstein's money as the academic world is flooded with scandals


Aand if scientists were aware that Epstein was engaged in criminal forms of exploitation, "they were legally and ethically obliged to report him."

For many years, Epstein was a generous benefactor for scientific institutions, in particular Harvard.

Although he never earned a university degree, Epstein was proud of his association with the university, even depicted wearing a Harvard sweatshirt.

The vehicle for many of the donations was the Jeffrey Epstein Vl Foundation, which was founded in 2000 with the mission to "support advanced science and science education around the world".

According to the Foundation's website, the donations in 2003 included a $ 35 million gift to establish the Evolutionary Dynamics Program at Harvard. Other sources suggest that it was a more modest $ 6.5 million.

He acquired and dined some of & # 39; the world's leading scientists, including Stephen Hawking and George Church, a geneticist in Harvard.