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Schalke and Leverkusen: Two highly traded false starters

Schalke and Leverkusen must soon show that they are busy enough to fight their way out of the table cellar. Otherwise threatens a momentum like the BVB three years ago.

       Comment by Philipp Selldorf



    The Mönchengladbach coach Dieter Hecking had a good talk after the 2-1 victory of his team against Schalke 04, but he also did not fail to get rid of his anger on the rottenness of the football world. It is "miserable" how to deal with colleagues Heiko Herrlich and Domenico Tedesco, said Hecking and looked with disdain in the round of the press people.


    Hecking's solidarity with the coaches is welcoming and honorable, but also quite unnecessary. Both Gorgeous and Tedesco have other concerns than a few hasty comments on the status of their employment. You have to moderate a false start that was not foreseeable. That just these two highly traded teams sit pointless in the table cellar, had predicted in the summer no connoisseur, Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke 04 were designated as designated top teams, and against this assessment has defended in the club headquarters in Leverkusen and Gelsenkirchen and no one.





    The Schalke have not yet ordered their capacities


    Hecking, with his criticism of some critics, is right in that it would be not only unimaginative, but also free of expertise to make the coaches the culprits of misery. Herrlich is indeed booked by the slump of his team during the second half of the preseason in a sense, but the defeat at Bayern in Leverkusen is perceived as normal and do not trigger a panic reaction.


    His restart after the false start now begins with the home game against Mainz, a daily test that gives more information about the performance of the Leverkusen team, which could only hint at their potential.


    Tedesco enjoys the trust of the club in Gelsenkirchen after the phenomenal preseason, but is in a more difficult situation than Herrlich, who has already overcome the eerie encounter with the invincible species. The Schalke have Bayern Munich, however, right in front of him. Before that, they can still deal with the FC Porto, no easy prey. Both opponents hit the Schalke in a time when they have not yet ordered their capacity, the new players still have significant settling problems, the king transfer Sebastian Rudy ahead.


    Leverkusen and Schalke are well enough to fight forwards again. But you can not lose much time doing that. Jürgen Klopps Borussia Dortmund proved how deep one can fall through the momentum of the failure three years ago. On Matchday 19 BVB was on the last place in the table. Klopp was still in office, but you will not have that much patience in Leverkusen and Gelsenkirchen.

"I have the feeling that we are fair game"
                        Bayern complained in a 3-1 loss to Leverkusen two injuries. Corentin Tolisso will be out for months with a cruciate ligament rupture. And a foul on Rafinha rages the club leaders.
                    From the stadium of Matthias Schmid


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