Say goodbye to Benoît Hamon with this quiz on his best tweets


Benoît Hamon communicates with the plant world. – UGO AMEZ / SIPA

  • Benoît Hamon obtained only 3.27% of the votes in Europe.
  • The founder of Generations "takes a step back" after this defeat.
  • "20 Minutes" concocted a little quiz with his best releases on Twitter.

"Little Ben" goes away. At least for a while. Benoît Hamon is withdrawing after his defeat to the European (3.27% of the vote). "I take a step back. I have been in permanent campaign for three years. I will help the rally of the left without exclusion but I need to ask myself and think, "he wrote to AFP.

While waiting for Benoît Hamon's return to the political scene, 20 minutes concocted a little quiz with his famous releases on Twitter. The former socialist presidential candidate will also be able to draw some ideas for his future tweets. If he gets bored during his period of reflection.