Sauerland Group: USA criticize Germany for deporting a terrorist


The deportation of the Islamist terrorist Adem Y. to Turkey despite a US extradition request has criticized the United States triggered at the federal government. "We are deeply disappointed with the decision of Germany," said US Justice Secretary Matthew Whitaker. "The German government purposely helped Y. escape justice by putting him on a plane to Turkey." Adem Y. was deported to Turkey on Tuesday after serving eleven years in prison.

As a member of the so-called "Sauerland Group" was the 40 -year-old part of a terror cell, which prepared several explosives attacks. He was arrested in 2007 in Medebach, Sauerland. His sentence of imprisonment, to which he had been sentenced by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (OLG), had already been fully served by Y. in October 2018. Already before this date, the US operated a extradition proceedings for its own investigations. The OLG Frankfurt declined a delivery to the US but from.

The US accused Y. of being involved in the assassination of American citizens in Afghanistan. Whitaker criticized Adem Y: "The German government has refused to take any responsibility for its non-delivery to the United States, has violated its contractual obligations and undermined the rule of law."

On terror list of the UN

The prosecutor in New York filed an indictment against Adem Y. in May 2015, which was subject to secrecy until Tuesday and has only been public since. US Justice accuses Adem Y of involvement in a suicide attack in which two US soldiers were killed and 11 others injured in the eastern province of Chost on March 3, 2008. According to the indictment, he was also involved in 2006 in the Afghan-Pakistani border area in attacks against US troops.

Adem Y. is said to have traveled from Germany to the region in 2006, according to US Justice, to be trained there in an Islamist training camp. The UN Security Council has been listing Adem Y. on the terrorist list since 2008 for his links with the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU). According to this, Adem Y. also recruited persons for the IJU.