Home news Saudi Arabia: Donald Trump passes deadline for Khashoggi report

Saudi Arabia: Donald Trump passes deadline for Khashoggi report

The US Congress is growing increasingly displeased with the behavior of President Donald Trump in the case of the killed Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, The Trump government signaled on Friday that it was unlikely to meet the deadline by which it should present a requested report to Congress. Trump says he does not have to produce such a paper, said a White House employee.

Democrat Juan Pachon, meanwhile, declared that Trump have no choice but to publish the report: "Either he sticks to the law or he breaks it." The Democrat Eliot Engel said that the refusal shows the need to get to the bottom of the motives of Trump's foreign policy.

On Friday, parliamentarians led by Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and his Republican counterpart, Lindsey Graham, also drafted a bill to target certain arms sales Saudi Arabia would ban. The initiative was a response to the killing of Khashoggi and the Saudi role in the Yemen war.

Four months ago, Republicans and Democrats activated a law that gave the government 120 days to report. The deadline is 8 February. Congress wants to know if the government wants to initiate sanctions against those responsible for killing Khashoggi.

Khashoggi, who had last lived in the US, was killed in October at the Saudi consulate in Turkey. He was previously tortured in Turkish media reports. His body has disappeared to this day. The important US ally Saudi Arabia had initially claimed that the journalist had left the consulate after his visit again.

Khashoggi was a critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to the Turkish version, the murder was ordered by the highest Saudi authorities, which rejects the leadership in Riyadh. UN-led investigations have also revealed evidence of masterminds in the Saudi state. The US intelligence has alleged that Crown Prince bin Salman was involved in the killing and instructed them.


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