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Sankt Georgen University: Vatican refuses to appeal to Rector Ansgar Wucherpfennig

Because of positive statements too
Homosexuality and the blessing of same sex couples has the
Educational Congregation in the Vatican the Rector of the Theological-Philosophical
University of St. Georgen denied another term. The Jesuit Father Ansgar Wucherpfennig does not get the so-called Nihil Obstat, the
Declaration of Safety, and thus can not continue to serve as Rector. A spokeswoman for the Jesuits in Germany confirmed corresponding reports ZEIT ONLINE. Of the
The Vatican also demands a public revocation from Wucherpfennig
his positions.
            Wucherpfennig, Professor of News
Testament, had 2016 in an interview with the Frankfurt new
the biblical condemnations of homosexuality as
"deep-seated, sometimes misunderstood phrases"
designated. The The Jesuit Father, who is in the Catholic city deanery
Frankfurt also acts as a homosexual pastor, had also for a stronger ecclesiastical recognition of
same sex lovers pronounced. Conservative clergy
That is why criticized usury pfennig sharply.
            The father does not want his statements
withdraw. In a statement to the Vatican he writes, "that
the sharp rejection of homosexual lovers very hurtful
for those affected, often in the midst of the Catholic milieu
come and feel deeply connected to their church. "He himself
holds the objections "for a misunderstanding of statements, with
which I am completely on the ground of Catholic teaching. "
            Jesuit Provincial "alienated" about the Vatican The Jesuit order in Germany as well as the
Catholic youth associations (BDKJ) criticized the decision of the
Vatican. "To Father Wucherpfennig 's expertise, his loyalty and
so that his suitability for the Rector's Office exist for me
not the slightest doubt, "said Jesuit Provincial Johannes Siebner, saying that he had" alienated "himself in a reply
the procedure expressed. He hopes that this is a
Misunderstanding acts and an appointment of usury penny soon
can be done.
            The competent Limburger Bishop Georg Bätzing defended Wucherpfennig. He had his re-election as
Rector "unreservedly" agreed, said a bishop spokesman.
The university belongs to the area of ​​the diocese of Limburg. Bätzing have
also made it clear in Rome that "bishopric and Jesuit order are good
are advised to stick to the established university administration. "
Bishop continues to go from an amicable solution.
            Of the
BDKJ Federal Chairman Thomas Andonie called on Pope Francis himself
directly turn on and grant the permission to teach. The case
have a big signal effect, since the university Sankt Georgen
important for the theological generation in Germany. The
Denial of permission to teach was "unbearable" and one
Abuse of power. Nobody stands for a church like them
Many young Christians wished each other.


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