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Russia: Chief of the National Guard challenges Alexei Nawalny to a duel

Viktor Solotov, commander of the Russian National Guard, has challenged the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny to a duel. In a video message, Solotov threatened to make a "good, juicy chop" from Nawalny – whether in the ring or on the judo mat.
Observers consider this statement a novelty because the Kremlin does not usually comment on Nawalny. Also, not to the corruption revelations that the opposition regularly spread in popular Internet videos. president
Putin also avoids naming the name Nawalny.
            Solotov is the general and ex-bodyguard of Russian President Putin. His threats are in response to a video previously released by Nawalny. This is about the supposedly dubious origin of Solotov's fortune. His most recent film is about dubious machinations in the supply of about 340,000 men Russian national guard. Although Solotov acknowledged "flaws in corruption" in his video message, he dismissed Nawalny's claims that he, as head of the National Guard, personally benefited from dodgy businesses.
            The Kremlin has also commented on Solotov's statement. Solotov's demand for a duel is not to be understood as a threat, said Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The embassy was also not coordinated with Putin. There are, however, cases of slander that must be stifled in the bud.
            Alexej Nawalny will be serving a 30-day sentence until the end of September. He had previously called for a rally that was considered illegal by the Russian authorities.

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